Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another leap of faith

At the start of any journey there are those little fears and anxieties that pop into ones mind. Fear of the dark I like to call it. We can't see the reality around us or instore for us so we imagine worse things for ourselves than could possibly be there in reality.

I am starting...again..and I am afraid of the dark.

I am adding a boutique to my website and including clothes I have designed and made. Putting myself and my art out there again GLUP! I was reading many of your posts last night and felt heartened by seeing I was not alone in feeling the waves of self criticism, doubting and comparing myself to others. Man that is one dangerous and destructive cycle I would love to break.

I can not imagine doing anything else but being an artist, but it is not an easy road is it? Contrary to popular opinion, we don't just play with our crayon boxes all day long feeling like happy go lucky little kids. Some of my friends with "real" jobs make the occasional comment about my not having a "real" job. I know these comments are not meant to sting, be hurtful or attack my choice but are born of a lack of understand the hurdles of an artists day to day.

I would challenge any working girl to lay her heart, soul and efforts out to the world to be judged, accepted easy thing.

In keeping my commitment to be present, playful and trusting, like the little boy and his sandcastles, I thought I would share some pics here. A preview of coming attractions. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you all are playing, embracing your fears and letting them go! I hope you are creating beautiful things and putting them out there for the world to enjoy!!!


Blogger Bohemian Girl said...


you can do it all sister...seriously.

i cannot imagine you being anything but an artist either. you're creative with everything you do from your paintings, your clothes designs, the way you decorate your home and set up candles in your bathroom...down to your cooking.

you are my working creative girlie.

(screw those comments about real jobs!!) <--imagine this said in a Scottish accent.

love u.

1:01 PM  
Blogger liz elayne said...

these are gorgeous. wow. i can't wait to see more...
bravo to being brave! and embracing the fears. yes, yes, yes.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Laini Taylor said...

Letha, the dresses are beautiful -- I especially love the white one. To me it has a kind of Jane Austen meets contemporary appeal. So cute!

And I can really relate to the cracks about not having a real job. People who leave their work and come home at the end of the day have no sense of what being self-employed does to you, now for all its wonderfulness, it blurs the line between work & home/family/playtime until there is no line. My self-employed artist friends are the hardest working people I know. AND the most fulfilled!

12:18 AM  
Blogger megg said...

"REAL jobs" is such a hideous phrase - like what artists do isn't REAL but sitting at a desk is?! If that's true then the definition of REAL I am working with is wrong.

I LOVE your dresses - I can't WAIT to see more. sweet and feminine and fresh - lovely! I want to see MORE!!! And I AM going to try to create some beautiful things to send out into the world today - and I am going to make them as REAL as possible!! thanks & keep creating!

3:13 AM  
Blogger M said...

Wow, what gorgeous dresses! I'm brainstorming ideas for my wedding dress and the white one has definitely factored into my ideas...loving the top with the wrap around strap. Hmm, gets me thinking.
And well done for being so brave. I am a "working girl" and can only imagine how hard it is to make art your life- I'm in awe of you, of all my blogging artists. I find it hard enough to be doing a job I dislike, but the fear to do something more feels greater right now. I can't wait to see what you post up here next!!!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

I agree, "real jobs" bleck, who needs them? Your white dress made me dream of sitting on the beach in Baja, watching the waves and blending in with the surroundings. it is so beautiful...

12:14 PM  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

oh wow!

2:46 PM  
Blogger yaya said...

I wish that I could do my art as a living - maybe buddies are just a bit envious! I know I am - you are a hugely talented woman with the best job in the world - creating!

8:37 PM  

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