Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Scribblings- Theif

It was a great black shapeless thing. If the moon was full and the light hit it just right, you could see through it and what you saw inside, well there are no words for. Most people that looked upon it did not recognize it as a being. They thought it was a trick of the night, if they thought anything about it at all. You see most of the people who saw it were sleeping and when they weren’t sleeping they were preoccupied. They were people with dreams; dreams for the future, dreams for their families and dreams of pure fancy.

Now, it is important to understand there are two types of dreamers and they are really quite the opposite of one another. There are those that spin their realities from their dreams, beautifully and smoothly as a silk worm weaves her thread. They understand that life is a great fabric woven of our dreams coming into reality. All you need to do is believe in this truth and walk confidently along the path you chose. The path you dream.

Understand that we spin our lives as we move along and you can create beauty as easily as you can create fear.

There are many more of the other types of dreamers; they are people with big dreams who also have big fears. Fear that their dreams will not come true, fear that they are not good enough to achieve them or unworthy to receive them. It was upon these people that it fed.

It could sense these people easily, that is after all what is was created to do. He knew what he was doing when He made it. Quietly it would steal into the room of the sleeping dreamer, whispering its poison into their ears as they slept.

It would whisper all the black words that were created by Him to feed fear and blow them like smoke into the ear of the sleeper. The words would take root in the heart and mind of the dreamer and spread taking over the space inside. The problem is that dreams can’t live in a place that is full of black smoke. They need clear blue skies and light in which to grow. So, when the smoky black words would slip in one ear, sure enough few seconds later the sweet smelling silvery dreams would flee out the other ear. The black creature would be waiting to suck them into its great big hole of a mouth. At least it is mouth-like in that it feeds on dreams and is in the top of its head. No one really knows if it has a true mouth.

Now because there are so many more fearful dreamers, the monster got bigger and bigger as he filled up with his stolen treasures. He became so large one night (he had been greedily stealing more dreams than usual) that he didn’t blend in with the shadows of the night quiet as easily. Being greedy, he stole into one more room and crept over to the sleeper. It was a little boy, who as it turns out, was not asleep at all.

The boy rolled over and looked at the creature. He sat up and stared at it with his clear blue eyes. He was not afraid. He saw into the creature and was not scared by what he saw inside it with the dreams of others. The creature found this impossible to bear. He felt sick to his stomach under the boys gaze. The dreams, sensing the creatures hold on them weakening, began to push and fly about wildly inside.

The creature slid backward a bit as the boy sat watching it. The great mouth opened and out flew the silvery dreams. The boy watched as they flew out, silver smoke at first and as they moved away from the creature they began to take shapes. All different kinds of things were being set free. Some were animals like horses, dolphins and dogs. There were boats, cars, clothes, food, and finally he saw the shapes of people. The creature had tried it’s hardest to hold onto them. There were babies, children and grown-ups in police uniforms and doctor’s coats. The boy went to the window and watched the silvery shapes fly through the sky and dancing in the moonlight. At last they sped off in all different directions.

The boy knew they were going back to the people who needed them. Just like he knew that they represented the hearts desires of their owners. Dreams of parenthood, having a loyal friend, learning to play, finding a career that would bring fulfillment. The boy understood what each shape had meant. He was a very wise and special little boy. He stood at the window until the last of the silvery shapes trails had disappeared into the night and he turned.

He looked to the wall where the creature still hovered. It was small, shrunken and looked empty, except for the wickedness inside. The boy smiled walked over to it and smiled right at the creature. The creature had never been smiled at before; it found it could not move. The boy reached out his hand and laid it on the creature, and then he moved back a little.

They creature began to shrink, smaller and smaller until finally he disappeared with a tiny pop.

They boy walked back to his bed and this time he really did go to sleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did this bring tears to my eyes? This was beautiful. :)

7:21 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

that little boy is Dacey.

so well written.
you had me glued.
i love the imagery of the silvery dreams floating back to the dreamers.

i could see you illustrating a book like this.

hmmmm...*hint, hint*


xoxoxox, boho

9:23 PM  
Blogger liz elayne said...

fantastic my dear friend!
and i agree with boho here...what a gorgeous book this could be...
so glad you were prompted by sunday scribblings to write some fiction...

9:26 PM  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

this is wonderful letha!!! so, when are you going to illustrate it?

11:21 AM  
Blogger Madeleine said...

Fantastic story, Letha.Your talent is seemingly endless!!
What a creative woman you are.

I'd love to see pictures to accompany this also.

We may all have to take a vote on this!!


11:43 AM  

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